How to Preserve a Chain Saw for Longer Time Spam

Chain saws can be quite an asset and an imperative tool when cutting away trees and preparing firewood. view more best electric chainsawIt is critical that this piece of the equipment is in decent running condition when applying.

By not making problems or keeping these tools it could lead to very expensive repairs, options or even unembellished injuries.It is all-important to make sure that any replacement parts are for the identified piece of equipment are those advocated by the maker.


Modifying the mixture and sluggish speed of the chain saw can assist to make it run more resourcefully. For this purpose, first ensure that it is turned off. Take out the air cartridge and air filter to acquire to the idle blend screw. Rotate the idle mixture screws 1 1/2 turns anticlockwise. Track down the main jet tuning screw along with the use of the owner’s guidebook that is precise for the model. Rotate the main jet regulation screw till it is touching the base of the emulsion tube using a right-handed motion. Rotate it 1 1/2 turns by using ananticlockwise motion. Keep the air filter back where it fits

With the aid of a tachometer, measure the engine speed of the chain pictured.But If it is an aluminum pipe engine model it must function at the velocity of 1750 RPMs.Nevertheless, iron cylinder engine must have speed of 1200 RPMs.If there is any supplementary tachometer interpretation than what is urged for the engine model, there is a demand to get the idle speed screw to repair this problem.

chainsaw products

Examine the obstruct plate for the chain saw if there is trouble beginning. This will be foundin the inaugural of the carburetor’s throat part. Opening this piece of equipment can be exaggerated if the choke plate will not close appropriately or if it is stirringeasily. To fine-tune this, filth and wreckages must be removed with the help of a carburetor cleaner and scattering the cleaner into the tube of the choke and into the Venturi.

If there are difficulties with the genuine running of the chain saw, this may be a caution that the spark plugs want to be examined. A showery spark plug can be a symbol that there is water in the fuel. To patch-upthis the fuel tank might need to be tuned. If the spark plug is exceptionally dry this can mean that the fuel filter is congested and needs to be washed or replaced. By means of a micrometer caliper the hole in the spark plug should be measured. The right interpretation should point out that the spark plug has a gap of at. 025 an inch.
There are a small number of things to reminisce when you stock your saw for a month or more.  To appropriately maintain your chainsaw in the class of those down months, groove all the fuel from the container and from the courses.  Also drain the oil.  Rid of the chain and store it in a compactly covered container jam-packed with oil.  Clean the wholechainsaw when you are stowing it.

It’s Not About The Flatware

After two marriages each, my new wife and I are learning what it means to combine households.

My wife and I met on Aug. 2, 2007, giay bong da became engaged on Nov. 10 and were married on Jan. 26, 2008. While our challenges are similar in many ways to those faced by other middle-aged newlyweds–melding furniture, flatware, art and appliances acquired over a combined 75 years of adult life–Candy and I have had some additional considerations. So would any two people who think they’re only combining living spaces when what they’re really doing is placing highly diverse, often opposing, ingredients into a cosmic Cuisinart and hoping the results will be savory.

This is the third marriage for each of us. That makes our experiences sound similar, but our relationship backgrounds are profoundly different, except for the fact that our first marriages were relatively brief misjudgments.


Flatware products

Candy’s second marriage ended many years ago, after her husband–enraged by a number of professional and personal disappointments and fueled by booze–took her hostage, at gunpoint, in their home. Candy managed to escape through a window while a retinue of sheriff’s deputies talked her husband out of the house.

My second marriage, on the other hand, lasted nearly 29 years. For the first two decades it was a lively, loving relationship, further enhanced by the birth of a daughter when we were both 35 years old. But the last nine years constituted a slow descent into hell: Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent continuous treatments, each one prolonging her life but diminishing her. Our love went through a number of transitions, and in the last two years I was a full-time caregiver. By the time Candy and I met, both of us brought complete, though not completely matching, sets of emotional baggage to the party.


Flatware products

Strangely, I was the one who’d become cynical about relationships, even though (or perhaps because) I’d had a successful one until its tragic, extended coda. Whenever we hit a bump in the road, I considered canceling the entire trip. For her, that was never an option. I might be older by four years, but Candy remains the ever-present grown-up, declaring that this, too–the combination of survivor’s guilt and jealousy–will pass.

That jealousy, by the way, came as a shock to me, since it has reared its unattractive head only a handful of times during my 57 years, to some extent, been placed under house arrest when I was 27, the year Jane and I first started to live together. Newly widowed in my 50s, I was plunged into a world I didn’t recognize, one in which some people fell in and out of love sequentially.

I also wasn’t sure how to be a middle-aged widower with a middle-aged girlfriend. And if I playfully lifted Candy into my arms, would she tell me to mind my sciatica?

Candy had her own jealousy issues, but they weren’t about my late wife. They were about my having had the sort of life she’d always wanted: a long, loving marriage, a child and the sometimes stifling but mostly comforting sense of being a we instead of an I.

Then there were what one friend dubbed “overlapping realities.” Candy and I got married one year and 16 days after Jane’s death. We live in the same house I lived in with Jane, and sleep in the same bed. While I never forget who and where I am, I occasionally lie awake at night, secure in my new wife’s arms, and wonder: what just happened?

So we’re unpacking. We’re hanging the art Candy collected during her 53 years next to the art Jane and I collected and painted during our 29 years together. We’ve begun to make the house our own.

Recently, Candy and I were at a bank. The teller, who was in her early 20s, admired Candy’s wedding ring, she said.we’ve been married six times–yet this young woman was encouraging us as though we were two kids just getting started. The thing is, we are.

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NEW YORK — Just as its name indicates, Flo, a new, free multizine — a CD, DVD and magazine that magnifies longboarding, snowboarding, surfing and other adrenaline-inducing activities — is a work in progress.

Distributed to 60,000 people three times a year, Flo turns quarterly this year. Flo was first published last February by Keith Denerstein, who used a $15,000 investment. He previously worked at Loud Records and Mass Appeal magazine after graduating from Cornell University as a banking and finance major.

long board

“That’s where I got my first taste of reaching consumers on a grass-roots level, as opposed to a broad-reaching mass medium,” he said.

An avid sports fan and participant, the 26-year-old produces a ‘zine that spotlights new tunes, gear, athletic tricks and forthcoming events. He now employs nine full-time staffers in the company’s Gramercy Park area office and relies heavily on a team of freelancers to help produce Flo. His objective is to further blur the lines between sports, entertainment and music, while continually showing Flo fans new talent.

“While the print world could only do so much, this [multizine] impacts consumers in another way,” he said.

With Flo’s DVD, action sports athletes can check out professionals demonstrating new stunts, as well as a brand’s new commercial. To try to get Flo into the right hands, it is distributed for free in longboards for girls, surfing and snowboard stores.

long board

“Consumers can’t believe it’s free,” Denerstein said. “They’re still cautious about taking it, even though there is a sign that says it’s free.”

There’s no way to quantify what degree Flo’s fans are supporting its advertisers and product placement, but the interest among advertisers is increasing. Advertisers have doubled to nearly 20 since its inception. Simple print ads cost $3,500. The current issue of Flo is 40 pages — 12 pages larger than the last one. OP, Triple Five Soul, Posture Magnetic and Rossignol are among the new advertisers. Nike, Puma and Adidas have shown interest recently. Brands founded and endorsed by action sport athletes like Grenade, a clothing company Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass helped start, are also backing Flo.

“When consumers are getting free CDs, DVDs and magazines where they make their buying decisions, it’s not hard to imagine they’ll have good will to the companies that support this cool, free product,” Denerstein added.

Gravis, Analog, Quiksilver, Puma, Posture Magnetic, Billabong, Pornstar, Element and Triple Five Soul are among 51 items featured in the Sven Comes of Age fashion spread. Each item is identified on the following page. The layout looks like an editorial, but Flo supports the brands that advertise and/or send samples.

“We have so much stuff coming in from fashion companies,” Denerstein said.

For Flo’s CD, Denerstein has used his music industry connections to parlay deals with Universal Records, Def Jam, Atlantic, Arista, Dreamworks and Virgin, as well as many underground and independent companies.

“We get so much access to free music because our product is free,” he said. “If it weren’t, we would have to deal with royalty fees and licensing and things.”

Advertisers and supporters are also coming through with new video games. “We’re constantly trying to stay on top of the game to delve into issues that go beyond sport,” Denerstein said.

Flo’s annual operating expenses run around $400,000 and that should jump to $800,000 this year. Despite the hike, Denerstein expects to be profitable by next month. More companies are interested in customizing multitiered advertising to “have more of a voice in action sports,” Denerstein said. That louder voice also stands to fall on the ears of the influential Gen Y.

Denerstein said he is always willing to lend an ear to his readers.

“People are so passionate about this lifestyle and culture,” he added. “They pitch ideas to us and our ears are open.”

There’s also no shortage of unsolicited footage of surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders. Due to limited TV coverage of these sports, these athletes are in the habit of recording their stunts for their own and their friends’ viewing pleasure.

Rosemary Feitelberg


Valeo splits approach to night vision; Supplier develops active, passive systems

In a bid to become a larger player in the high-technology market, Valeo SA is trying to sell night-visiontechnology to automakers.

The French supplier is developing two night-vision systems, one active and one passive.

Offering both systems will give Valeo an advantage over suppliers with only one approach, said Joachim Mathes, r&d director for the supplier’s switches and detection systems division.

night vision

night vision

Concept vehicle

Valeo has developed a concept vehicle based on the Porsche Cayenne, internally known as the V360, that features both active and passive night-vision systems.

The supplier is conducting development work with customers on its active system. The company will team up with specialized development partners to create a passive system, Mathes said.

The readout for an active system is a bright image that resembles the effect of seeing objects illuminated by high-beam headlights. The display of passive systems highlights objects, such as animals, that are warmer than the area surrounding them.

Easy switching

Valeo’s test vehicle is set up to allow easy switching between the two systems to evaluate the differences.

Night-vision systems are a growing business for suppliers, although few vehicles with the systems are available in the market.

night vision

night vision

“By 2010, 3 percent of all cars sold globally could be equipped with night-vision systems,” said a supplier source. “But that is an optimistic scenario.”

Active systems are available on the Mercedes-Benz S-class sedan and Lexus LX 470 SUV. Passive systems are offered on the BMW 7-series sedan and Honda Legend/Acura RL sedan.

Mercedes gets its system from Robert Bosch GmbH and Automotive Lighting. Autoliv Inc. provides the BMWnight-vision system.

Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. say they are developing their own night-vision systems and declined to discuss whether independent suppliers are involved.

Volkswagen and Audi have privately expressed an interest in adding night-vision systems to vehicles.

Suppliers involved

Valeo’s competitors are varied.

On the active-system side, competitors include Delphi Corp., Lear Corp. and Hella KG Hueck & Co.

Siemens VDO Automotive competes in both active and passive systems. L-3 Communications recently bought the automotive night-vision operation of U.S. defense contractor Raytheon.

Industry sources acknowledge that night-vision technology is in its early stages, with a variety of technical barriers that still must be overcome.

There is concern that current readouts actually may distract drivers more than assist them.

Suppliers are trying to fix this by developing software capable of recognizing pedestrians and moving objects. Only then would the night-vision system alert the driver.

Valeo’s concept car highlights such objects with a colored box on the readout screen.

“Our focus of development is picture extraction,” says Valeo board member Martin Haub.

“That technology will be ready for series production by 2008 or 2009.”


Mercedes’ night-vision system improves the driver’s range of vision, shown in blue, beyond the headlamp range with the help of infrared technology.

New Chelsea PTOs and adapters from Dana Corp

The Drivetrain Service Div. of Dana Corp., Toledo, Ohio, has introduced a number of new PTO products designed to drive hydraulic pumps and other driven accessories on light- and medium-duty vehicles. Among the newest products are the Chelsea 941 series split-shaft PTO; the 276 series PTO, designed specifically for use on the Allison World Transmission; and three new 600 series geared PTO-to-transmission adapters.

The 941 series split-shaft PTO is designed for class 3, 4, 5 and 6 trucks with automatic transmissions and is intended to provide versatility and auxiliary power in situations where the transmission has no PTO opening, does not have the correct number of openings or has only a six-bolt opening and an eight-bolt PTO is needed, the company said. A broad range of six-bolt and reversible PTOs fit the two openings of the 941 series unit.



The 941 PTO uses a standard shift lever, with an air shift system available as an option. Output shafts and flanges are standard with Dana’s 1410 series companion flanges, with 1500 series companion flanges optional. For maximum through-torque capacity with the 941 series, the main shaft is 1.5 in. in diameter and features the 1410 and 1500 series companion flanges.

The new Chelsea 276 series Power Shift PTO is available with an optional 360 [degrees] rotatable pump mounting flange, which allows rotation to any of 12 mounting positions. It includes internal direct bearing lubrication and is available in four speed ratios, with ratings from 25.5 hp to 31.8 hp at 500 rpm and 50.4 hp to 63.6 hp at 1000 rpm. Intermittent torque ratings, with pressure lubrication, range from 265 lb.ft. to 335 lb. ft., according to the company. Selectable output types include: 1.25 in. RD; SAE B two- or four-bolt; SAE BB two- or four-bolt; SAE A two-bolt; Chelsea special; and the new rotatable pump flanges, available in SAE B two- or four-bolt configurations.

apple g3 ac adapter

apple g3 ac adapter

The 276 series units feature helical gearing for increased tooth contact and quieter operation; guideposts that support and align the PTO unit at installation; and the use of a shimming gasket designed to eliminate backlash adjustments.

The new Chelsea 600 series geared PTO-to-transmission adapters consist of the 626, 628 and 645 units, which are designed to add mounting versatility to midrange and light-duty transmissions. They are designed for use with standard Chelsea 440 series PTO gears and feature tapered bearings to provide maximum load bearing capabilities for full torque capacity.

The adapters were developed to solve mounting interference problems and/or change PTO output shaft rotation, the company said. The 626 series adapter reverses the output shaft rotation when a six-bolt PTO is installed on a six-bolt transmission opening. The 628 series adapter reverses the output shaft rotation when a six-bolt PTO is installed on an eight-bolt transmission opening. The 645 series adapter positions the PTO downward at a 45 [degrees] angle from the transmission opening, allowing many interference problems to be avoided, the company said.

Sony’s Network Storage Player Sets Multimedia in Motion For Display

ORLANDO, Fla. — ORLANDO, Fla., June 3 /PRNewswire/ — Infocomm, Booth #2301 — With the introduction of new BZNP-100 Version 2.0 server software for its NSP-100 Network Storage Player, Sony is now offering content and control of up to 100 NSP-100s’s on a centralized system using FTP Push mode, or virtually an infinite number using Pull mode.
Other enhancements to Sony’s IP-network appliance, which serves as “store and forward” system for audio, video, text and graphic files, include the use of multiple fonts for text content, network delivered upgrading of NSPs’ firmware, a group function, scheduled distribution of content, and control and set-up of NSP-100’s via a web browser. Video files may also be ingested into the system in the DVCAM(R) file format (i.e. AVI-DV with 1-frame of audio interleave.)

“These new features have been added to offer simplified operation, flexibility and enhanced control of the NSP-100 Network Storage Player,” said Clayton Blick, marketing manager for conferencing and IP casting for Sony Electronics’ Business Solutions and Systems Company. “A network deployed NSP system also offers several advantages over physical media such as CD-R or DVD, including timelier update of information and confirmation of delivery and playout.”

Storage Sets products

Storage Sets products

Transmitted over IP networks, high-quality, customized multimedia content can be automatically stored onto the NSP-100’s internal hard drive and played out as programmed and scheduled on a connected display device, including a Sony PlasmaPro(TM) monitor, SuperSmart(TM) projector or television set.

Multi-Functional Distribution Management Software

Sony’s BZNP-100 Server Software, Version 2.0, offers encoding, customized playlist creation and file transfer/distribution capabilities. Designed to work on Windows(R) XP and 2000 operating systems, the software quickly and easily converts digital video (DVCAM AVI files) bitmap graphic data and text files into the MPEG-2 format used by the NSP-100 player. Users can then follow the program’s graphical user interface to create custom playlists, and then distribute the finished material with easy, drag-and-drop capability over private or public networks to the Network Storage Players.

The new software also permits preview of video and graphic materials, as well as video capture from a DVCAM camcorder via an i.LINK(R) IEEE1394 digital interface to a PC. It additionally offers the capability to ingest MPEG2 and video files with closed captioning, when files are prepared by a compatible encoder.

Storage Sets products

Storage Sets products

Blick remarked that now with the BZNP-100 Version 2.0 server software for the NSP-100 Network Storage Player, that the new “pull mode” feature permits any number of NSP-100’s to be used on a network system, making it ideal for point-of-sale and point-of-information applications, including retail, education, museums and attractions, hospitality, corporate communications and training.

The NSP-100’s IP architecture offers capabilities that go far beyond emulating a closed circuit TV channel delivered with traditional broadcast technology.

“Content can be tailored to suit specific audiences within an operation,” Blick explained. “Rather than broadcasting a single channel, highly targeted, regional or even individual programming is possible.”

Industry Standard Technologies and Protocols

The NSP-100 Network Storage Player also introduces interoperability with industry standard technologies and protocols. It features DHCP to automatically assign an IP address to the system, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to confirm operation and verify information playout for ad tracking and billing, an HTTP web browser for system check via the Internet and RS-232C control for communication with plasma displays, projectors or any RS-232C equipped device.

The NSP’s internal clock can be synchronized using NTP (Network Timing Protocol), which in multiple NSP scenarios can give frame accurate start of programming displayed on all players on the network.

Packing A Powerful Punch

A lightweight (just 2.2 pounds) unit about the size of a hardcover novel, the Network Storage Player features a 40GB hard disk drive offering nine hours of storage at 8Mbps (18 hours of storage at 4Mbps). It displays high-quality MPEG-2 encoded video at bit rates of up to 9Mbps, as well as full-color bitmap (up to 24-bit RGB) images and scrollable text.

The unit is designed for use in small-, mid- and large-scale environments in which content is distributed to sites over a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or private network (PVN). It can be paired with a single display or for larger environments it can be connected to a corporate intranet or extranet as one of many units deployed throughout an enterprise to locations anywhere in the country or around the world.

In addition, the NSP-100 features an on-screen menu – accessible by controls on the box or the accompanying remote control – which offers ease of use comparable to a VCR.

Network Ready

The player features 10/100 Base-T Ethernet networking via an RJ-45 modular jack; component, composite and S-video outputs; two channels of audio output and both RS-232C and GPI interface capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, Sony’s NSP-100 Network Player and the BZNP-100 Version 2.0 software have suggested list prices of $1,995.

E-trade sets off storage explosion

THE hottest battleground in the IT sector is no longer processing speed or memory performance but storage, according to industry experts.

As information volumes grow exponentially, companies are realising they need to take a closer look at how they store, manage and retrieve data.

The trend has caused dramatic growth in the storage industry, with major players rushing to provide new products and services.

“We are in the great position of selling shovels during a gold rush,” EMC Australia and New Zealand managing director Mike Foster said.


storage products

“More and more companies have to realise competitive advantage exists in storing and accessing their information.”

He said many of the company’s largest customers were dealing with compound growth in their storage requirements of around 50 per cent annually.

“Just 12 months ago an order for a terabyte of storage was a large order,” Mr Foster said. “Now it is more likely to be four or eight terabytes.”

IDC research director Graham Penn said storage was taking up more of the total investment in all new IT systems for companies.

“It is now not uncommon for storage to account for around 70 per cent of the total value of a system order,” he said.

For EMC, the demand has led to the company doubling its staff in Australia during the past 12 months.

It has also acquired Data General, which will allow it to target small and medium companies, greatly expanding its potential customer base.


storage products

Mr Penn said drivers of storage demand included online transactions and the dramatic growth in e-mail usage.

“At the moment there are around five billion e-mail messages sent around the world every day,” he said.

“By 2005 this is expected to grow to 25 billion messages.

“This quickly becomes a serious problem for companies as they struggle to ensure that their systems can cope.”

StorageTek director of applications solutions Mike Chisnall said the problem was compounded because many companies used their e-mail systems as de facto document management systems.

“There is a lot of critical information stored in e-mail systems, and it becomes a real challenge to manage and find it when required,” he said.

StorageTek has released a new system, dubbed MessageVault, which allows companies to archive, index and access almost unlimited numbers of e-mail messages. Designed to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, the system can intelligently search for e-mails.

At the same time industry giant IBM has renewed its efforts to grab a larger share of the lucrative storage market with new additions to its Seascape enterprise storage range.

Named Shark, the new IBM server is designed for companies constructing storage area networks (SANs) to support their IT infrastructure.

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